The Methylation Cycle and Glutathione Connection

I discovered four years ago the connection with the Methylation biochemical pathways in the body, chronic illnesses and toxin loads and their relation to these illnesses.

A simple explanation of Methylation blocks:

Methylation cycle and associated biochemical pathways
Methylation cycle and associated biochemical pathways

Blocked methylation pathways and Glutathione depletion leads to:

  1. Poor detoxification
  2. Altered DNA
  3. Reduced Immune function
  4. Raised inflammation levels
  5. Mitochondrial dysfunction

All of the above issues are associated with conditions where there is an environmental toxin burden and subsequent increase in infections such as: parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi such as Candida.

The T-Lymphocyte Connection

Immune responses with T- lymphocytes are well researched in ME/CFS and FMS, and dysfunction is caused by the above stresses. My extensive testing range includes CD8 and CD14 without the need for blood tests, making it affordable, non-intrusive, and instant.

The B12 Milk and Mercury Connection

Both ME/CFS and FMS patients do respond to vitamin B12 supplementation but there is no doubt that those with ME/CFS that are allergic/intolerant to milk and have mercury as a toxicity, respond much better.

This is because milk has an affinity to mercury and if you include it into your diet you will reduce the body’s ability to detoxify it.

Practitioner Methylation Successes

Informal report from fellow clinicians using methylation medicines citing the progress of their patients:

“I have a good treatment response in roughly 50% of my long-term patients who have not responded particularly well to standard symptom- based therapies. I am very encouraged.”
David Bell M.D. – Lyndonville, NY.

“78 out of 109 patients (72%) have marked improvement. Patients are slowly improving week to week and month to month.”
Karen Vrchota, M.D. – Winona, MN.

“Some doctors in the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers in America have started using the protocol. I am excited about its potential and am awaiting feedback.”
Jacob Teitelbaum M.D – Hawaii.

“I’ve got about 75 patients on the protocol now, and have results from about 60. 70% report noticeable improvement and 15-20% report marked improvement. 30-40% report reactions in one form or another. Most of these are mild. It’s clear that it does work. We now have to define how to use it optimally.”
Neil Nathan M.D – Springfield MO.

Using his own protocol, which includes methylation cycle treatment (but does not include 5-Methyltetrahydrafolate) Dr Enlander reports he has “112 patients under treatment and 65% to 70% show improvement.”
Derek Enlander M.D – NYC.

Dr Myhill has 10-12 CFS patients on her methylation supplementation package, but does not yet have feedback from all of them. However, she reports that: “There is no doubt that for some this is a very worthwhile intervention.”
Sarah Myhill MB BS – Wales.

Testing for Methylation Biochemical Pathways

Genetic (saliva) test is available from at only £125 and are an excellent starting point for discovering your genetic and methylation profiles.

Biolab Medical Unit London also have a whole range of tests for these conditions