The increasing numbers of patients diagnosed with FMS that have visited my clinic in recent years has thrown up some very interesting differences between this condition and CFS. Some have been diagnosed with both conditions.

The most significant factor with patients diagnosed with these two conditions that I have found is; in general, if you have a majority of CFS symptoms, you are more likely to have a higher load of heavy metals such as Mercury, Lead, Chromium, Copper etc.

On the FMS side in general, there is often little or very low metal toxins in the bodies’ organs but a significantly much higher amount of environmental chemical toxins such as Foreign Estrogens...
...or Xenobiotics such as Toluene, Chlorine, Insecticides, etc.

These are primary nerve and hormonal disrupters and are a good explanation for neurological symptoms related to pain syndromes in patients with this condition.

Mercury exposure: watch Dr Chris Shade’s story here:

Using Bicom Bioresonance frequencies, they can be excreted safely and much more effectively than most therapies BECAUSE I use a unique filtering system to filter the toxins out of the bodies’ organs safely.

Extensively researched medicines are now being prescribed resulting in a vastly improved outcome even in the most difficult of cases. Eminent fellow doctors who have vast experience in the field, such as, Dr Amy Yasko, Dr Rich Van Konynenburg, Dr Sarah Myhill and many others.