Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance is a primarily German technology that has been created and designed to regulate the body's disturbed energy patterns and to fine tune them to healthy harmonic frequencies that leads to vibrant health.

The Theory

Every cell and every organ in the body has an electromagnetic resonance and frequency pattern in the form of wavelengths. Cells communicate with each other and exchange information. Brain cells and neurotransmitters are a typical example of this with neurons giving out information constantly through our lifetime.

Healthy Cell / Unhealthy Cells


The science

Substantial research has been carried out on this scientific principle by both professor Cyril W Smith of Salford University who discovered that therapeutic impulses that go into resonance with the body can have an effect even after a very short period. Professor Dr W R Adey from the University of California in his research confirmed these same principles Each allergen, pathological microbes and environmental toxins all put stresses on the human defence system. Bioresonance Therapy is the ideal therapy for not only cancelling out these dis-harmonic pathological frequencies but amplifying the healthy harmonic frequencies to restore normal function throughout the body.

Pathological toxins - Stress

What happens with treatment?

Bicom Bioresonance is a non-invasive testing and treatment therapy where the patient holds various hand electrodes connected to the device that check for dis-harmonic frequencies throughout the body.
Testing is non-invasive and carried out on the body's acupuncture meridians.

Bioresonance testingBioresonance testing


Pathological toxins in the form of allergies, metals, chemicals, viruses, parasites and fungi and stress induced radiation all interrupt the communication between cells allowing physical dysfunction and illness.


A detailed health history is vitally important before commencing testing where a highly personalised screening will uncover even the deepest underlying pathological strains of the body's cells and organs.
If your condition and symptoms are something we have treated successfully before there is a good chance you will benefit from the therapy.


Therapy is carried out by cancelling out the pathological frequencies of the toxins at a cellular level that are then are excreted via the organs of detoxification. Various herbs, homeopathy and extensively researched medicines can also be prescribed to speed up this process.
(Bioresonance is not suitable for those with pacemakers, pregnant and nursing mothers).

Please see the short list of testimonials that we have treated successfully before or email the clinic to find out if your condition is likely to respond to this therapy.