Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgia Encephalomyelitis

(CFS/ME) & Fibromyalgia (FMS)

It never ceases to amaze me the things that I find in testing with Bicom Bioresonance.
There are two areas that are second to none in finding out the causes of the main energy stresses in these patients:

  1. We know conventional blood tests do not reveal anything abnormal in probably 99% of patients and the main reason for this is most of the pathology in these syndromes is intracellular. In other words, the harmful microbes, chemicals, toxins and metals that are associated with the conditions are often undetected this way. But in my clinic, we use a simple electronic frequency device that sends a mild current to the patients cells (pain free) and within as little as five minutes these pathological toxins can be detected and tested where previously they are difficult to be found.
  2. We can then determine which organs are stressed by the pathological toxins. Using Bicom, Bioresonance frequency therapy, we can free the cells and mitochondria of these harmful toxins to enable them to resonate healthily again. In turn, this restores energy to those organ systems allowing white blood cells (lymphocytes) to carry out their job of fighting off infection.

The second marvelous insight into these cases is done by giving specific medicines that break up metals and chemical toxins.
Any chemicals or metals stored in the bodies’ cells immediately break up out of those intracellular spaces into the bloodstream and the organ systems that are energetically affected can then be identified for therapy excretion with the Bicom device.
Without exaggeration, this next piece of information that I share with you is probably one of the most profound things you will ever read and learn.
For many years treating CFS/ME patients suffering from heavy fungal, parasitical, bacterial and viral loads was problematic. There had to be a mitigating factor as to why these microbes refused to leave the body despite intensive therapy and the best medicines available… and there was, as I discovered.


Video: Smoking Teeth / Poison Gas

This was such a vital breakthrough for my patients. The way I was working before suddenly changed, because it doesn't matter how intensive you treat these microbes they will always be resistant in the presence of metals!
As soon as the metals were detected as the primary cause in these cases, it made sense to break them down with medicines and frequency therapy first. What was quite amazing, but logical, is that most of the microbes disappeared or reduced significantly according to the level of excreted load of metals in the body.
This is probably the most logical cause of patients who are antibiotic resistant i.e. their organs are loaded with metals.
Video: Anne Summers PhD discusses mercury induced antibiotic

In my experience I find this is nearly always the case with patients who are chronically ill and particularly with ME/CFS.