Mercury & Environment Toxins

Mercury & Environmental Toxin Tests

Testing of mercury, metals and chemicals in the body can be very difficult for most practitioners and patients but with Bicom Bioresonance we use a German made tincture of bitter herbs and sometimes Coriander (Celantro) to break them up from their stored places in the intra cellular space and organs of the body.

Within three minutes of taking the medicine both metals and chemicals release from these spaces thus enabling detailed testing accurately, where previously little is often found through standard testing procedures such as blood tests.

3.6 Square wave Frequency

As well as the medicines above, we also use with our Bicom testing and therapy device a specific Zapper that sends out an electrical current with a 3.6 square wave frequency that the patient has contact with via hand electrodes. This opens up the intracellular space within a few minutes giving us the full access to the intra cellular space where most pathological and environmental strains are found that block your energy (mitochondria).

Conventional blood testing with conditions such as CFS/ME and FMS rarely reveals any strains but with this procedure in clinic we are able to discover the underlying toxins affecting your blood cells in a very short space of time.

Bicom Therapy using Filter Ampoules

Using the new special filter ampoules we can now detoxify those strains out of each individual organ faster and safer than any other detoxification therapy in the United Kingdom with the Bicom therapy device and supporting medicines.
This filter system was discovered just a few years ago by Intelligent Bioresonance practitioners and electronic engineers that has taken therapy to a whole new level in detoxification.
These toxins now can be mobilised and excreted out the body and your organs 20 times faster than previous therapy with Bicom and what would probably take two years to excrete a few years ago and 50 times faster than most medicines like Chlorella, MSM, Lipoic acids and pectins used before.

Chemical toxins can be detected being excreted during therapy that confirms to the patient both the therapy and testing are accurate and working.

Medicines for detoxification

Dr Shade has revolutionised the way mercury is tested via his companies Quick Silver Scientific and Pure Expressions.
Also available at

His medicine range for detoxifying metals and supporting the organs has taken detoxification to another level and is absolutely second to none.

  1. Clearway Co Factors. one of the very best antioxidants combination that I have found ever for helping detoxifying metals & chemicals out of the liver and kidneys. (Particularly good for the pain in Fibromyalgia patients). Read the amazing combination of ingredients and see for yourself how effective this medicine is on the immune system.
  2. IMD is the intestinal metals detox that binds mercury in the bowel thus avoiding a re-toxicification back into the liver that other medicines cannot do
  3. Asea is excellent at clearing the brain of metals and chemicals (but must be carried out with an experienced Health Practitioner specialising in this field). I only use this medicine after the patient has excreted the majority of toxins through all the other sources and Bicom therapy as it stimulates detoxifying methyl pathways in the brain and body at the deepest level.

An extensive list is available in clinic and will be tested on the associated stressed organs to suit the patients clinical results.