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Mercury: Evidence Mounting for Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease

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Mercury’s role in health issues has been played down for decades but mounting evidence and a softening pro-amalgam attitude from Environmental officials, Government bodies and Dental associations are bringing about change via a whole spectrum of regulations.
The world’s governments, 140 of them, met recently (February 2009) to address the concerns to global health caused by high levels of mercury in fish and the environment.
Increases in environmental pollution from 1977-2002 have been 5 fold but even worse, 20 fold in the last 2 centuries, resulting in a 1000 fold increase of toxins in our oceans fish. The European Union countries and United States have now signed an agreement from 2011 and 2013, respectively not to export mercury from outside sources and to reduce mercury emissions. www.zeromercury.org (1)
Crematoriums in Europe are now required to install selenium filters to their chimneys in order to absorb mercury emissions released from the mouths of deceased. In all, mercury leaking into the environment from industry, polluting our rivers and seas and poisoning our fish, is said to contribute up to 11% of the total human exposure. Fish tested worldwide are increasingly exceeding methyl mercury safe limits, and these so called safe limits are being reduced as new evidence emerges.
The major source of mercury exposure to humans though is said to be via amalgam fillings.

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